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a program of  Geeking Out Kids of Color


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Our Misson

Our Mission 

Womxn of Color in Tech is a catalyst for the advancement of womxn, grrls, and communities of color through technology. Embodying the mantra; for us, by us- Womxn of Color in Tech cultivates spaces and programs that explore and design a world of technology that centers us.


We envision a society where technology empowers our communities; providing spaces where belonging, self & social awareness, and agency are the foundations of our work. 

What We Do

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Womxn Network Meet-ups

Geeking Out Kids of Color's sister project WoC in Tech fosters womxn of color spaces to both recognize generational trauma and provide community to begin to work through how we might internalize or subject to white culture in our workspaces. 

These gatherings are intended to feel good and also sometimes hard ... there will always be food and great conversation.

The space is free and open to womxn (womxn is used as an inclusive word that is welcoming to all female-identifying, trans womxn, femmes, gender fluid, non-binary) of color with intersecting identities that do work in tech and/or social justice sectors.

The development and re-connection to social emotional learning opportunities is fundamental to the undoing of structural and institutional racism.

Youth of color deserve explicit opportunities to build their emotional intelligence and social awareness. Through intentional programming, youth are able to build spaces where they can learn what it means to be a grrl* of color and gain new skills through tech-based programming.

*grrl is used as an inclusive word that is welcoming to all female-identifying, trans grrls, femmes, gender fluid, non-binary

What We Do
The Team

Janell Jordan

Janell is driven by their background in youth development work and believe in the essential need of fostering healing spaces for people to build connection, emotional intelligence, and social awareness.

Sam Gil-Vargas

Lead Instructor and Education Coordinator for GOKiC and WOC in Tech, working to integrate technology and social justice issues into a multicultural curriculum.

Priscilla Angulo

Priscilla believes in education as a means to improve quality of life. She is  Mexican, has a PhD in Computer Science, and works for Microsoft.

Suez Gebretsadik

UW Intern and Project Coordinator for WOC In Tech. Suez is currently studying to be a speech pathologist. She is passionate about youth development, building community, and connecting youth to sustainable agriculture.

Samira Ouraga

Samira transitioned to Technology via an apprenticeship program, and now works as a software engineer with Microsoft. She wants to teach programming to young black girls, and build a support system around them. 

Alyssa Williams

Alyssa is currently a Software Engineer at Microsoft. She switched careers from healthcare to tech in 2014. She is passionate about teaching underrepresented youth how to code and helping build their confidence in themselves

Wendy Roldan

Wendy is a PhD student in Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington where she studies the design of equitable educational experiences with emerging technologies. "As a woman of color in STEM, WoC is a place where  I can connect on a personal and professional level with others that share similar stories as me." 



Geeking Out Kids of Color

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GOKiC started in 2016 in Seattle when a group of friends saw an opportunity to strengthen  their communities and make an impact on children’s lives. We are a diverse group of developers that love what we do and know the importance of technology to facilitate learning and bring people together


Technology Access Foundation

TAF is a nonprofit leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. We use STEM as a tool for realizing social change and educational equality in communities of color and those with low income. Our targeted approach leverages in-school and out-of-school learning to address longstanding historical inequities for students of color, yet cultivates leadership and citizenship in ALL students toward equity.

Contact Us

Interested in getting involved?

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us at or sign up for our bi-monthly womxn network meetups.

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