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Connect to Tech Careers By Learning to Build and Design With a Social Justice Lens.

Youth led program. For us, by us

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Collective Youth 

Seattle metro area based peer-to-peer mentorship program within Geeking Out Kids of Color that is designed to empower youth of color to collectively pursue internships and careers in tech through a social justice lens. 

What we do : Activities

What We Do

Project-based skill building

Taking initiative in building projects that will develop our technical skills and practical experience. These projects will develop teamwork skills and prepare students for formal work experience.

Internship Opportunities 

Collectively applying to internships and preparing for interviews to land an internship early in school to pave the way for even better internships and jobs before graduation.

Professional mentorship

Each student will be paired with a mentor and will have the opportunity to network with each other and professionals in the tech industry.

Interpersonal work skills

Our focus is to learn these interpersonal skills grounded in anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic team building training

Applying social justice theory into engineering

We apply social justice theory to build and design something new. In our projects, we will use race theories to use a social justice approach to create new software

Meet the Team

The Team


Heven Ambachew

Heven is currently studying Computer Science as an undergrad at Pacific Lutheran University. She is the co-founder and program coordinator of Collective Youth. As an instructor at GOKiC, she integrates technology and social justice issues to help build anti-racist and anti-sexist curricula. Her work is deeply influenced by her upbringing in her hometown of Gonder, Ethiopia.

Linda Vong

Linda is passionate about leveraging her technical background, interdisciplinary lenses, and thought-provoking questions towards equity and empowerment as a part of Collective Youth. She is an undergraduate at the University of Washington pursuing a major in Computer Science and minor in Education, Learning & Society. She also develops software applications and decolonized tech curriculum for Geeking Out Kids of Color.

Mekedes Dejenie

My name is Mekedes Dejenie. And I am currently a rising sophomore at the University of Washington, studying computer science. I am a first-generation low-income student passionate about tech and bridging the gap between STEM careers and underrepresented and minority communities.
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